In which Skeeter Pan has a big idea…

Bella motors a boat

the adventure begins!

The Book

Skeeter Pan is not an ordinary pie pan.  He is a pan with ideas and one of them is to escape the kitchen for a grand outdoor adventure.

His friend, Bella the mixer, worries that it is not quite the thing to do.  Travis the grouchy toaster, who occasionally burns toast, says it is a silly idea, but Skeeter does not listen to them.

Skeeter talks Bella into going with him to places no kitchen tool has ever gone before…and so the first big adventure begins.


The Author

Emma Beesley writes books that are meant to be read out loud. Books that make children (of all ages) laugh. she writes books to help us all remember that big adventures are just one story away.

Skeeter Pan’s First Big Adventure is a 32 page storybook written for ages 3-7.

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